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Where is Valle d´ Aosta?

Valle d'Aosta: All Mountains

Entirely mountainous, Valle d'Aosta extends across the mountains and crests of the Graian and Pennine Alps. The head of the valley is closed to the west by the great Mont Blanc massif, with the highest peak (4,810 m.) in Europe and glaciers feeding the Dora di Veny and the Dora di Ferret, two sources of the DoraBaltea. To the south soars the Gran Paradiso massif (4,061 m.) while to the north, the Mount Rosa group (4,633 m. at the Dufourspitze) is the north-east boundary of Valle d'Aosta territory.

Where is Valle d´ Aosta?

Valle d'Aosta: Location

Lying in the upper basin of the Dora Baltea river, Valle d'Aosta occupies the northwestern extremity of Italian territory, bordering with Switzerland (north) and France (west). To the east and south it borders with Piedmont. The Valle d'Aosta is the smallest region in the Italian Republic and is also the most thinly populated. It is the only region without the territorial and administrative body known as the Province.

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