Bottling regulations

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What are bottling regulations for balsamic vinegar?

Bottling regulations

To be sure that what is approved is what is bottled, the approved lot of balsamic vinegar never leaves the consortium. In the presence of the producer it is bottled in the exclusive bottle of 100 ml., designed by the GIUGIARO DESIGN STUDIO. The shape of this bottle is registered and patented and can only be used by members of the consortium. All "Tradizionale" balsamics from Modena come in this same shape of bottle.

It is classified in “WHITE CAP” (refined) - that is aged at least 12 years, or “GOLD CAP” (extra-old) - that is aged at least 25 years. It is then given a seal and number...the bottle along with its number is then registered in a set of very large books. Each bottle has its own written history there. Only 5,000 bottles can be produced annually.



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