Flavor , Fragrance and Taste

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How can you describe balsamic vinegar?

Flavor , Fragrance and Taste

Balsamic vinegar is the pure, sweet and tart vinegar of the Trebbiano grape that can only be produced in the regions of Modena and Reggio in Italy.
It has a fluid and syrup-like consistency with a deep, charred brown color and a hint of spice and honey in its aroma that is described as distinct, complex, sharp, and unmistakably, but pleasantly acid. The flavor is sweet and sour in perfect proportion and only a drop of it on your tongue will tell you that it is unlike any wine vinegar. The most interesting thing that really sets the genuine balsamic vinegar apart from the imitators, are the sensations in your mouth that you will notice minutes after swallowing the balsamic vinegar. To appreciate true balsamic vinegar, you have to taste it for yourself!



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