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In this category "Italy" you will learn about the Country, Regions, and Towns of Italy from a true reliable Italian source - The Istituto Geografico De Agostini (The Geographical Institute of Agostini) - an Italian only website at: http://www.deagostini.it/
The data was translated at the website "Windows On Italy" -www.mi.cnr.it/WOI/woiindex.html - where you can find much more information on Italy than I am presenting in this category. Here, I will present to you unedited data from the the following translations:
"Italy" - The Regions
"Italy" - List of Towns
Visit the site directly for more information and to see a "Hypermap of Italy" and a "Few Pictures". Also on the site, not included here are details on:
The Country
The History
The Constitution



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