Palermo: History

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What is Palermo´s history?

Palermo: History

The historical centre of the city has a regular layout, which it gained over a period of time, at the behest of the Aragons, replacing the maze of narrow streets dating from Arab and Norman days. Founded by the Phoenicians (8th-7th century) with the name of Ziz (flower), it belonged to Carthage before coming under the domination of Rome in 254 BC., later becoming one of the most important centres on the island. After the fall of the Empire, it was ruled by the Goths before becoming a Byzantine possession in 552. Palermo was conquered by the Arabs in 831 became capital of the independent emirate of Sicily and entered a period of considerable prosperity. Ruggero d'Altavilla brought it under Norman rule in 1072 and made it the capital of his kingdom, a position it retained until the Angevins chose Naples as their capital city, causing Palermo to decline. Its fortunes were those of the Kingdom of Sicily until it became part of Italy in 1860.



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