Catania: Monuments

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What are some monuments located in Catania?

Catania: Monuments

Catania has an interesting heritage of monuments and works of art, though few of the ancient buildings still retain their original forms: Ursino Castle, built by Frederick II (13th century), with its characteristic round towers, the Duomo (11th-12th century, rebuilt in the 18th century, fine Chapel of S. Agata), the Church of S. Maria del Gesù (15th century, Gothic, rebuilt), the Greek theatre (rebuilt in Roman times) and the Odeon, the remains of a Roman amphitheatre (2nd century BC.). Other interesting buildings include the Church of S. Nicolò (18th century) with a rich interior, the Collegiate Church (18th century), Palazzo Biscari, a fine example of Baroque, the Fontana dell'Elefante (1736) and many other 17th century churches and other buildings.



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