Messina: History

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What is the history of Messina?

Messina: History

Messina was founded as "Zancle" in the second half of the 8th century BC. by Chalcidian Greeks; its name was changed to Messene in about 490 BC. with the arrival of settlers from Messenia. Later conquered by Syracusans, Mamertines and Carthaginians, it came under the influence of Rome in 264 BC. After the fall of the Empire, Messina was dominated by the Goths before passing to Byzantium in 553 and Arab rule in 843. It became a Norman possession in 1061. From this date, its history was that of the Kingdom of Sicily. Messina was on several occasions struck by an earthquake and the last, in 1908, almost destroyed it completely, claiming over 60,000 victims.



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